Anxiety Building

I have a tremendous amount of anxiety constantly. Ive tried to kill myself over 30 times and have self medicated for the last 10 years. I havent gotten out ojtf bed in 3 days and I am out of meds. My anxiety is giving me chest pains, a headache, an upset stomach, and a feeling of panic. I feel like I need to do something RIGHT NOW. I took a trazodone an hour ago but the anxiety is fighting it.

I have thought about becoming an addict of some kind to drown the anxiety. I used to drink everyday and eventually that got me in trouble. My mind is too frantic right now to use any of my skills. There was a dog barking in the alley that was becoming more and more irritating, and I thought to myself thank goodness I dont have a gun. This anxiety makes me think crazy thoughts and get very impulsive. Im glad we have a name for this madness.. anxiety.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

when we're in the midst of full blown panic, it's pretty hard to remember our 'skills''s alot of hard work, no doubt about it. I have been able to feel a panic attack coming on, and don't pay it any mind, and tell myself ï don't have time for this"...and usually it goes away...again, it's very hard to do that when you're in full blown attack. Practice at home, and see how you do

Great advice! Thank you!