Doesn't Feel " General "

I think instead of calling it " general anxiety disorder " it should be referred to as
" All consuming anxiety disorder".
It seems to come and go at it's own discretion as well as pop it's ugly head into
already stressful situations. To what degree seems to be a crap shoot.
New med's. Breathing exercises. Mindful thinking. So much work for so little yield.
Some times I feel like all the attempts to alleviate the anxiety is actually causing it to be more prominent and last longer.

Just a mindless rant after a crazy stress filled after noon.
Dainbramadge Dainbramadge
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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Thank you and GodBless...

Yeah, all the breathing exercises in the world can't help once you've hit a certain level of anxiety...I hate that feeling and know it all too well. Sending lots of good thoughts :)

Thank you. :-)