My Panic Attack Experience

Im forgetfull a little bit and often am tappin and moving my fingers or tappin my feet and I'm restless I worry I have trouble sleeping wake up really hot and random numbness in hands or legs and sweating sometimes dizziness and thats all mild and while im sober or high and tonight at like 7:50 I had a panic or anxiety attack till 9:50 after smoking a blunt and than smoking a cigarette directly after ...but either wway I've had the other symptoms of anxiety with out being high I think I just had a panic attack cuz I got high and couldn't control my thoughts and heart was racing and felt like I was gonna die aand my heart was going to explode

Choice ...test ....generalized anxiety happens to ppl with above average intelligence

My tabacoo usage effected my anxiety I.noticed as soon as I smoked a cigarette after the blunt that's when my.panic attack started to form and develop and eventually become life threatening!!!

I.need to exercise and go.without nicotine!!!!

Used to.think and tell myself marijuana and never gonna stop smoking but now.I'm.thinking I should definitely stop cuz its affecting the anxiety I already have about failure and death in general and I'm so restless its 3:00 in the morning and I just can't sleep and iI'm just on.the..internet researching all this info on anxiety cuz of.what happened earlier today and.I' I have anxiety and my nicotine and marijuana usuage helps ...I.need to.someone and daily exercise!!!

Didnt even know I had anxiety or really thought about tthe symptoms I already had till tonight after I had that panic attack and I immediately after just researched like crazy and I've come to the conclusion I have anxiety and my nicotine and thc levels aren't helping again its 3:14 in the morning I can't sleep I'm still kinda high and hot and I'm listening to this one song in my headphones over and over to just calm and relieve this stress I have on my heart I just wanna sleep!

I need to check if anxiety runs in family ...which knowing my luck probably does I already get cold sores from time to time and rock in my sleep and am just constantly thinking about so many things my future my next meal who I wanna talk to and just over thinking I think I think I'm thinking to much right now I'm just gonna go to sleep well try it'll take a while its 3:18 in the morning goodnight matt

Started to rock keeping in mind my heart rate will probably raise but I stopped myself from rocking I kept thinking my hearts gonna start bugging out and racing and my feet started to sweat its 3:25 in the morning I'm just gonna lay here and rest try to move as less as possible and just sleep this anxiety off the cigarette is definitely what did it as I kept taking puffs I noticed how my thoughts were just popping up to fast and I was overthinking and didn't know what thought to voice and eventually wen I went inside the house I started to take a pic and wen I'm high I like to take pics and look at them wen I'm sober and its Interesting to see how high I look in the picture and I took about 5 photos until I just couldn't anymore and my hands were shaking I tried to fight it thinking it was nothing just focus I said to myself but Instead my world my was collapsing slowly and I started to just go crazy thinking so hard and eventually my chest was throbbing and I said to myself wtf is going on I kept it to myself said llemme just sleep it off but it escalated until ever movement I made felt like I was blocking signal from myself to my brain and I was just being bombarded with noise and awful sounds in my ears and that's wen I realized or imagined my heart was going 200 mph and I called my uncle and said I think I'm having a heart attack and had me get outta bed. And just sit up on the sofa and he kept throwing questions at me and having an attitude at the same time so I inturn was getting frustrated and started thinking way to much and my heart was popping out my chest and I felt my chest and it felt like my heart was like a pinball bouncing all over the place and was going to explode throughout all this I'm thinking I'm going to die mind you....damn I'm sweating as I write tthis but soon after that I told him to stop talking and do something and just help me he got me some water and I drank some and it didn't help but before I got some water I walked in the kitchen took my dr pepper bottle out drank some and that like fueled the fire in my chest and amped my anguish and eventually I went outside satdown and my heart just kept racing faster faster and faster and I'm scared soso bad right now thinking so much and so fast until I just go inside and ttalk to my dad on the phone and explain to him what's going on and my heart wont stop racing and I need a hospital oh and btw Ive been telling my uncle this whole time not to go to the hospital but that my heart will not stop racing and I'm going to die and my dad said if u feel like your going to die go to the hospital and that was that I said I was going! Than he called back a few mins later and ttold me u shouldn't go to the hospital in the state ur in u could be introuble legally for smoking marijuana and something about my record and right than I said ok goodbye and just turned mmy fan on and got in bed closed my door llights off and just calmed it down after a few mins of Dyer distress and I recovered as I told you all this my heart raced a lil but I find it necessary to document this night to a t ...feeling like death is about to take you and your life is being tormented with is the worst experience this was the worst experience iI've ever bad in my life happened around 7:50 Tuesday the 8th of January and lasted till about 9:50...I keep getting hot flashes the longer I write this and am starting to sweat so its 3:49 in the morning I'm gonna fight to go to sleep goodnight my uncle just left for work I still have not fallen asleep and I keep having to focus really hard to keep my heart rate down I'm like always a couple moments from a panic attack :( this mindframe is terrible! Its 5:10 in the morning!
Still haven't slept but the attack has calmed way down still can't sleep tho its 7:03 am and I'm just going about my day as I would like this wont happen again cuz I already kno how to handle it
Still constantly worrying about another panic attack might happen its 2:24 pm and still have anxiety

Went thru my day and didn't change a thing went outside and hungout aand played ball around 6:30 till 7:30 pm and came home ate and now I'm laying down trying to sleep I'm gettin hot flashes and I'm still worried about mmy heart and if a panic attack might happen but I'm fine I'm coping this is my anxiety scare I'm finished here goodbye
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