Not Cured But A Lot Better

Just to share a few things that have helped me. It's not been a quick fix or easy but if this helps someone then its worth me posting :

I've found that have really decent friends that are caring and genuine helps a lot. Its taken away the worry and anxiety about what people are saying about me, are they b*tching behind my back etc.

A job that involves a degree of autonomy where the boss isn't watching me 247 and I can work at my own pace.

Working out at the gym - healthy body makes you feel relaxed. The same for healthy eating. Cutting out on sugar is helpful & I must remember to stick to this as it's an easy one to forget.

Finding someone who loves me and is genuinely interested in me and has my best interests at heart.
Bushkeeboo Bushkeeboo
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

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Thank you and GodBless...