My Anxiety Hell

I have been suffering anxiety since 2005.
It started with HA and OCD, but last year I had a dizzy spell and collapsed and since then it has taken a turn for the worst. I suffer horrible derealisation/ depersonalisation & panic.
I am working really hard towards recovery but its really difficult.
My family arent supportive and have said some pretty horrible things.
The only hope I have is that one day I will be truly happy and free and will be able to live out my dreams without anxiety holding me back.
sbarry25 sbarry25
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

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Thank you and GodBless...

Pinpoint the cause of your anxiety and try to gradually overcome it. For example, if big crowds give you anxiety, try going to a cafe first then move onto a mall later on. The only way you can live the life you hope to have is by learning to control and put your anxiety at ease. I know it's hard but try experimenting with things that can distract/entertain you like video games, writing, drawing, reading, watching your favourite shows/movies, surrounding yourself with close family or friends that make you feel happy, etc. I hope everything works out for you! (You don't have to take my advice but I things will get better!)