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I'm not sure if I have anxiety as I have never been told. Its only the past couple of days that I've thought I could actually have some kind of anxiety at all after reading an Ellie Goulding interview where she talks about her own anxiety and realising I feel the same.
Past couple of weeks seem to of got worse as I have just moved to France for 4 months so it's like added worry. The weird thing is I feel quite calm about been in France, it's like my body can't handle it. I have suffereed on and off with depression for 3 years so I just thought every negative thought I have is because of the depression but now I feel it's more as the depression seems not so bad at all and under control.
I have this constant kind of achy pain in my left arm, head aches, sometimes dizzy, lump in my throat. Sometimes when I get worked up and worry about things I jut cry for up to half an hour, so bad I struggle to catch breath, feeling like I am losing control over my mind and body.
It happened yesterday as I was just walking down the street, for no reason at all I had to go home and calm down. The ache and dizzy feeling has been here all day and yesterday. For the past 2 or 3 years I have also been getting aches and pains in my ribs as well .
I worry all the time about my body. Paranoid about everything, the slightest thing will seem like a big, serious illness what I will die from anyday. If it's not an illness that will kill me it is some crazy, unrealistic accident or whatever. Things that will never happen but I get so worried and worked up over them constantly. I've always just thought I was a big worrier with a crazy imagination but these pains have really been starting to get worse the past couple weeks an not sure what to do about them or if it is even anxiety at all. Don't feel like I can go to the doctors as I don't speak the best french and they may not understand me properly but don't know how much more of this I can take and it seems to be getting worse.
What do you all think? Does anything sound simular to how you feel?

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