This Horrible Feeling

For, like, months, I've felt random bouts of anxiety. Like, I'll get anxious for no real reason. Like now. I have no school, no homework, and another day to relax, but the feeling of 'there's something you're not doing' is biting at my brain. I can feel my heart pound, my hands are sweaty, and I'm sort of freaking out, for NO REASON.
I'm pretty sure it could be hypochondria on my part- I recently learned about anxiety disorders in Psychology class- but all of THIS (or, you know, that first paragraph) is making me scared. There are times when I want to talk to someone I know and ask them if this is normal, but I'm so scared to talk to them about any of my thoughts, which are pretty hectic.
So... If you... you know, have any advice for me to calm the F down, I'd really appriciate it.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

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Thank you and GodBless...

I can really relate to you. I get panic attacks 2-3 times a week. Sometimes right in the freaking middle of class and i'll start balling, sweating and just freaking out. Just like you. My advice is breathe. It may sound stupid but this is how I cope with a lot of things. I've been to 2 counselors, and 3 psychiatrists and every single one just told me to breathe or meditate. It sounds stupid but really it freaking works. When i'm freaking out in my room, pacing everywhere, I know I can't stop myself until i calm the F down, they only way i've ever calmed down was sit on my bed, or anything really, close my eyes, tell myself I'm safe and there is nothing to worry about, and i'm not forgetting anything and it just calms me down. I hope that you will try what I said and hopefully it will help you! :)