My anxiety is horrible.... I hate it terribly... I know, who likes anxiety?.... I can't help that my mind is always thinking four times ahead, and thinking what if's! I wasn't always this way... I series of events happened in my life that made me this way. My anxiety is usually higher during that "time of the month". Then I'm just like insane in the membrane! I don't want a controlled med to help me really... I don't want to be on a anti-depressant either. I've had my fair share of those, that made me feel just blah and just there. I feel alone at times. Because my anxiety is over silly things but really do make me anxious. Sigh... Hard to explain really. I guess I really need is coping skills I suppose. But I wish there was a med out there that I could take just to settle my brain at times, and not make me feel tired or out of it. I know, good luck with that lol. I just wish I could feel better, and over come this horrible mentally draining thing called anxiety. Its like a battle within me and if it makes any sense, its like I'm losing my battle with my anxiety. I do feel better getting it out at the moment, but its lurking inside waiting for a weak thought....
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I get those feelings to and it would be good for you to try and find a coping mechanism because sometimes it can get worse if you don't learn to live with it properly. I used to deal with it and then I got to a point were my brain was so jumbled that I couldn't even make a decision on doing anything and couldn't get out of bed. Im not saying you'll end up like that, everyones different but I just want to share with you some of my coping mechanisms. I like to take long showers or draw. The most important thing I do for me though is make time for myself, I give myself sometime at night to just relax. This helps my head from constantly thinking of what it has to do.

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Thank you and GodBless...

You are not alone,i used to think i was the only one with the scary thoughts,and the panic attacks i have found that more and more people are now admitting to suffer the same.A lot of people are or have been ashamed to admit,they suffer with anxiety and depression.
I know none of this helps with the symptoms,but it has helped me realise that i am not strange or going insane.As i once believed.

Thank you for your kind words ((((HUG))))