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Strange Anxiety

I don't have any friend that have anxiety so I was just curious if any of you many have the same issues that I do. Sometimes when my anxiety is really bad I feel like I can't even fit in my own skin and just what to jump out of it. I know it is weird. Another thing is that I am very sensitive to touch and can not stand being touched lightly or wearing certain fabrics. Im just curious if I am the only one out there.
somethingneverseen somethingneverseen 18-21 4 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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this is interesting..i get extreme itchy skin...thought it was allergies, but it totally makes sense that it's anxiety

I have heard that sensitivity to touch or itchy skin is a common symptom of anxiety especially when having a panic attack. Personally, my heart beats really fast, my mouth goes dry and I start to shake. I guess we all get different symptoms. I just absolutely hate anxiety.

i have anxiety also been sufferin for ages and battlin with no one helping when im scared i go hot and cold and feel as if i going dizzy and all oogley eyed and just generally feel like im bout to drop dead i wonder if anyone out there would underestand that as have found no one who does so far

I dont experience that but I can defently see how that could be a symptom of anxiety. It is so strange how we live all live with anxiety but in different ways.

I feel like that sometimes. Even when it's people I love I don't want them touching me or near me. (But maybe not as extreme as what you feel) I want to be outside of myself and away from all the noise.

I also prefer to be away from all the noise.

LOUD talking or tv/music noise is the absolute WORST. Drives me crazy when I'm in bad spirits. Hearing my voice inside my head is irritating to me. Like I have so much anxiety that it just gets bottled up inside my head with nowhere to go