Hi I have PTSD, GAD, MDD, and LD. I have anxiety cause of stuff that happened in my past. I on 3 meds. I'm trying to fight it and stuff. It's not fun I don't know what else to say
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Wow that is a lot of letters! LOL I have OCD...and that's about all. Used to be depression as well but things changed that (even though I do have set backs). Good luck in fighting all that!!!

those are a lot of initials, lol! 8-) <br />
Depression sucks, I know!<br />
what is GAD? and LD? Do the meds help a lot? my bf is bipolar w/ schizophrenic aspects or some such label, so I understand how hard it can be. hopefully the meds and counseling will help you though! take care, i will be thinking of you!<br />