I'm having all types of anxiety and it's making life a bit difficult.

First, I have anxiety over my two month old. It's hard to sleep or even leave the room. I'm so paranoid something will happen to her. Last night I was making some vegan soup and put her in her crib. I took constant breaks to check on her. She was just looking around, never fell asleep in her crib before. She doesn't sleep on her back due to Laryngomalacia. Well I come to check on her and she's not moving. I scream her name and grab her. She wakes up crying :( I cant seem to control these paranoid thoughts.

I have anxiety over driving to the point where I just don't. I worry every morning when my grandma goes to work. I'm terrified she'll get into an accident. The thought replays over and over. I love her so much and need her.

I'm scared about my health. I have constant thoughts of "I'm going to die I'm going to die." I can barely stand being home alone. I count down the hours and try anything to distract myself.

**** is just hard right now.
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I have had similar feelings as if I am going to die & I can relate when you say that it's extremely scary. I stopped my regular runs just for the fear of I may be getting an heart attack.. watching my heart beat going upto 185bpm on the monitor scares me to hell & I cut down on my speed..

It's hopefully getting better again now.. coz of some therapy sessions.

Seeing a therapist should help you. Wish you all the best..

OH my god, i wrote something a minute ago and i think i eresed it accidentally, but (quoting david coverdale) here i go again:

I have had problems with anxiety, believe it or not most people do have probles with negative tougts and they can make your life an autentic hell; if you need any advice or just to talk, just tell me and i will be glad to share my anxiety related experience with you.

Have a nice (and relaxed) day!

As a 42 yr old mom of adult kids I relate to your excessive worry. Don't be afraid to have a few sessions with a counselor that helps with anxiety possibly some OCD you might be experiencing. Anxiety is not a sign that you are crazy. It just means you should go to just a few sessions of talk therapy. It might take a few tries to find the one you feel ok talking with. I have OCD and remember constant worry. One thing that can help along with counseling is reading some books on the subject of ocd and or anxiety. For some people putting their trust in God helps as well. It is not an easy road all the time. Talk with other mommies and be kind to yourself. You sound like a good mom, but find ways to be calm .