I think I might have anxiety How can you get it?
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Everyone has anxiety, but when it conflicts with what one may call a normal life it's a disorder. Look it up in the DSM-IV for generalized anxiety disorder and/or social anxiety disorder. It's also an STD. So watch out for those hookers.

anxiety can come from genetics or a chemical misbalance in the brain or from a horrible event that occurred in your life, or from stress.

There are any number of contributing factors involved in anxiety. For example, it could be from a recent occurrence. Or, you may have worry over something that may or may not happen. The important thing is to recognize the level of the anxiety you have, because no one is anxiety-free - it's a matter of degree.

It's not something you "get", its something you have. It can stem from a lot of different things. Stress in life, personal relationships, school... If you feel anxious all the time there are ways to release. You can try breathing exercises, walking/working out, listening to music, or seeing a therapist. Anxiety is something you have to manage so that it doesn't turn in something worse.

I looked it up of the sign so I might have it but I have stress

Stress can be a huge factor! Figure out the trigger of stress and you can learn to manage the anxiety around things.

I listen to music and sit in my beanbag chair