when i was 8 years old i was diagnosed with anxiety and put on fluoxetine aka prozac. i would freak out about storms that were coming towards where i live a week before it was supposed to hit. thunder storms would make me shake and cry. my anxiety was horrible with other stuff but i was so young i can't really remember every detail. i wasn't able to sleep very well at night cause i was always afraid that it would storm. years later i am still on fluoxetine (prozac) and i am on the lowest dose there is, trying to get off of it. my anxiety is way better then what it was when i was a kid. i have been on so many different medications regarding my anxiety and i have found that fluoxetine/prozac works the best. my family and myself has noticed a huge improvement regarding my anxiety.
to all those who struggle with anxiety, you can get over it with some help. i promise you, and do not give up xx
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I've seen multiple times on here people were put on Prozac for anxiety. I'm on Prozac but they told me it's for my depression. They put me on Buspar for my anxiety.

I went on buspar one time but i ended up going off of it cause it wasn't working as good as prozac

Prozac won't work for my anxiety. Buspar works so well but the dosage I need makes me dizzy. I usually end up falling asleep but if I can get through it, the dizziness only lasts about an hour and then I'm fine.