I was sleeping for maybe 45 mins before I woke up suddenly with anxiety--borderline panic.. Sometimes I can have a few drinks and be fine and am able to sleep. But then there are nights like tonight where I swear the alcohol causes me to wake up panicked. And this is after I take my nightly meds which are supposed to be sedating, which is probably half the reason I feel dizzy, which then fuels the anxiety. So now I'm WIDE AWAKE at 2:45am trying to calm the F$&! down. Ughhhh! And I've been on this medication for years and I still have nights like this.. Not my worst by any means but still so frustrating. It never gets any easier.. And I went to bed feeling all cozy and comfortable thinking my bed is my favorite place in the whole world. And now once again, it's turned into a bit of a personal hell. Panic attacks are no fun ever, but nighttime ones are particularly dreadful. Just want to be and feel normal.
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Good thing you don't feel this way every second of your life, with monthly changes of meds to find the right combination, and don't feel like a prisoner in your own home. ;)

Been there too

sit calm. blank your mind, breathe deep and exhale and meditate, you'll feel good and get to sleep