anxiety and depression..iam troubled with my life, i don't feel like iam living, i don't find anything good to live with, everything is troubled, i do everything with difficulty, there is no comfort in my life, many troubles, my parents hate me for no reason, they are the cause of my problems, but i can't do any thing about them, mum wants to leave us, and dad hate me, their treatment affects me depression, psychological sickness, i have been going to doctors since years because of my parents treatment, i don't know why mum hates me, also dad hates me more than her, he treat me terribly and that affects me, but he is psychologically diseased, also he likes to dominate us and he hates to let us be free and he hates my being, i can't live this way with them, iam so affected because of them, iam trying to forget them but i can't, i don't know why they affect me terribly, how can i live with this, iam trying to live but i can't, now i suffer tension and depression i became nervous most of times, i find nothing cure this
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I have a bit of anxiety myself. I am from a small town born and raised for 23 years...I have recently left my small town of 430 people and moved to Denver. I love it. The mountains, the rivers, the people, have all helped with my stress and anxiety. I'm nothing like my family and felt like I needed to live my own life and now I am. Some suggestions for you: Look up Abraham Hicks on Youtube. Even if you don't believe in this type of speaking she does, look her up and listen to some of the short videos. They have one that is about people's opinions of you being THEIR problem NOT YOURS. It doesn't matter what people think of you because it's not going to effect you unless you allow it to. I'm not sure what the deal if with your family but maybe you just need to get your own space and experience life without the stressors.


thanks :) good to know your experience.. i can't do this, i can't leave my house for personal reasons, so how can i get my own space? can i get it without leaving? is there some ways? how can i relieve anxiety? mum doesn't appreciate my stress or feelings, i know she is stressed because of problems and she get angry about very small things, she needs to see a doctor, i sustain all of this and i get tensed, she wants to leave us and it will be worse if she would leave us, iam obliged to sustain because i want her to stay, also dad is not a normal person, my mind is suffering since years illness, and i take medicines but now i found terrible symptoms and it is increasing, there must be some solution, i should force them to change themselves, mum need to see a doctor but there is not much money to afford medication, but i think she must seek treatment, her case is terrible, and she doesn't listen to advices, how can i persuade her? she is stubborn, and she can't feel my suffering, so.. what i thought i should do can change issues?? and how can i be adapted

I don't know then. My mother is stressed all the time as well. you just have to realize it is your life. YOu have to worry about you before you try to fix everyone else. If not, it'll just stress you out more. My advice is to meditate, and listen to Abraham Hicks. And of course Pot will relax you, but you don't want to become a pot head and over medicate with it.

Talk to a doctor or counselor. How old r u?