Im having a anxiety attack right now. Im trying to fight it. But it feels like im going to throw up. My stomach is upset and im getting the runs. Im so tried of feeling like this. I wonder if i start cutting on myself again if that will help. My meds help just to a point. I want to give up.
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Don't give up you'll be ok!! I know exactly how you feel, I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason just panicked! It's so frustrating I can't calm down, my heart's racing.. It's tiring!! I take meds everyday but sometimes I need that fast acting one like Xanax just to feel normal. Do you have a fast acting med? Tried therapy?? I feel like anxiety has to be tackled at every angle. Breathe deep, watch relaxing videos on YouTube, watch tv.. Get your mind off ****.. Good luck! And you are not alone.

Im in therapy now. Yeah it helps some. Sometimes it feels like it's going to take over my life. God i hate how im feeling.

Yes I know I feel like that a lot especially lately. I've been dealing with anxiety my whole life but in recent months I honestly just want to throw my hands up and be like ok!! I'm done! But you Can't do that. You can not let anxiety win. It'll take over your life and what kind of a life will that be??

Maybe if you can keep your brain busy it will give you a break from anxiety. It helps me to do things that do just that. Of course when I sit and do returns with a vengeance!

Don't give up! Losers's give up! And you are a winner!


What is the source of your anxiety? I'm currently sitting next to a guy causing my heart to beat in my temples.

Nowhere to run on the bus. Not that it matters. I have a fear of people so he might as well be anyone.

Sometimes i just think too much.

I've found that the old saying about idle hands apply to your thoughts as well.

Ever tried an SSRI med? I'm on celexa- worked WONDERS for my attacks I had regularly.