Not severely. I know people who have it worse than me. But I have a constant nervous / uneasy feeling. Sometimes it's dull, sometimes it gets heightened in different situations, different days. But it's always there. A nervous tick in my heart. The inability to sit still for long without getting really anxious. I often find myself making problems more severe in my head and stressing out about it. I also have nervous habits...and it's really embarrassing. I think it might be some form of OCD because when I'm sitting down and start to feel nervous or anxious I start touching my eyebrows. I also do this when I'm concentrating. I notice I do this and it's so annoying. I feel like a complete weirdo. And it's so hard for me to stop, it's become habitual. Engrained into who I am.
I've had it for as long as I remember.
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Hm, would you try talking to a therapist? I'm seeing one and she really helped me to deal with my anxiety. It's really great when you notice that you're winning the fight with your anxiety and that you're improving yourself as a person.

Never thought about therapy as something really necessary for me...I have though about it in the past but I don't think my anxieties are extreme enough to take up that therapists time from
Individuals who may need it more than myself. But it is there...and I think it helps. I don't doubt that it won't work I just don't think I deserve it

Wait a sec, you really think you don't deserve it? I mean, your main reason why you don't want to have a therapy is that you would take precios time from the therapist and other folk who have bigger problems than you would be stoped cause you'd take their time? I've never heard this reason before. :) You're really interesting. :)

If I were you, I wouldn't worry about that, there are a lot of therapists in the world, everyone can find one for himself. But if you think you don't need therapy, that's another thing, then it's fine I guess.

Haha it's strange I know. It's like another thought or anxiety that my problem isn't valid enough and the therapist will be like "why are you here, your situation isn't even bad". Sometimes I think it's all in my head like I'm just being over dramatic and create problems in my head that aren't really bad. And I don't need a therapist to tell me that I'm just being a drama queen haha. And yeah that leads to me thinking that others definitely been through worse traumas and hardships and need therapy. So me being on the fence about everything I don't think I'm very deserving haha :) weird logic. But I do find talking about my issues alleviates a lot of it...with a therapist or not. So thank you you're like a type of therapy for me just talking about it

No problem, it's a therapy for me also. :) I think everybody deserves help with his problems and from what I know about psychotherapists, they won't think you're weird or something for coming to them. A lot of people come to therapy with smaller issues, you don't need to be a total mess to see a therapist. :D

And btw, I think you don't deserve my comments either, but I'm generous enough to give them to you. xD :D

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I feel like I'm reading about my life

The slow, subsurface "tick" that you mentioned is what gets me also. It's the feeling of constant adrenaline slowly shredding your organs over time. Ugh.

I'm actually experiencing this pretty badly right now :(

Sorry you feel that way. Anything specific or just general uneasiness?

I usually get this on Sunday nights...before the start of a new week at work.

I'm like that sometimes too. It's like the anticipation of the impending stress of another week of work. Do you not like your job?

I do like my job. It can be stressful sometimes. And I'm interning there so sometimes I feel an added pressure of being watched/judged which stresses me out

Well just try to think of ways to relax tonight, as best as you can. Obviously easier said than done, but still. :)

What do you do for work?

I'm an intern at an architecture firm. Thanks I'm just trying to relax before bed. Helps to talk about it so thanks :)

That's interesting. Nice. :)

Yeah. Usually just getting it out and telling someone how you're feeling helps a little bit. Maybe not completely, but it sometimes takes that edge off. If you ever need to talk don't hesitate. :)

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Is it just around people or at home alone too?

Both. I almost find my anxiety gets worse when I'm home alone

I have a form of that - called AvPD. But I think you have GAD. They say cognitive therapy can help, it might be worth looking into.