Social anxiety has ruined my life.
If you have this problem you could imagine my feels right now, what makes it worse it that it's accompanied by blushing. My whole face will just be red like a tomato, I'm starting school soon and I'm nervous about it, what I did accomplish this summer was actually getting a job which is something I never thought in a million years would happen.. Me talking to customers?! Ha well I guess that's a step. I'm a work in progress! Good thing I'm homeschooled I'll have to face my battles only once a week when they call me in .... Whew
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I know exactly how u feel my hubby says im anti social but he just does. Not understand me n my anxiety

General anxiety is continuing to ruin my life.

Sorry you are dealing with this. I, too, have anxiety. I was able to overcome the attacks that were crippling my life. I wasn't able to work, go to school, or even be alone when it started getting dark outside. Couldn't drive alone without fear of an attack and something horrible happening. I found a program online that walked me through each day, it's been a few years and I'm not sure of the name, I'll post later when I find out, and that's what helped me. Slowly I felt better, then I didn't have panic attacks anymore. I started a job on my own, then college, all without knowing a single person. You can overcome it and live your life the way you deserve. Don't give up. Best of luck to you in everything u do :)

One of the B vitamins - vit B3 causes a flush when you take it, so you can always pretend you've just taken your Niacin when you feel yourself blushing at the school meeting. No one needs to know it's shyness. Just say it's medication.

Yep. I can relate. I work at starbucks actually , I get anxiety and screw up all the time. And I have to force myself to be socialable, it's really hard /: I don't even have friends , I feel like something's wrong with me. But I know it's my social anxiety ,

I know exactly what your going through i have lost a lot of friends to because of this. I think us having jobs proves that we can do this! Just take it day by day don't be hard on yourself there's a lot of people out there with our same problem! I'm here if you ever need to talk about it!

Yes hopefully it gets better & we can be confident and happy lol. But it's refreshing to know I'm not the only person feeling like this , thank you

It will get better!! I know it really is refreshing ,your welcome!

Why are you so shy? Whatre u in fear of?

I think I'm scared of being judged because I'm self conscious

U look pretty in ur pic from what i can see and who cares theres gonna be people who think ur out right beautiful or down right ugly .youre beautiful dont be scared of what a stranger who is irrelevant to ur life thinks .plus what wuld their opinion matter anyway

that means a lot! Thank you :))))) your right I have to stop caring cause they're irrelevant I just have to work on it!

I used to have anxiety too but since im a mom i have to talk to people lol

My son cant talk yet lol

That must have been a blessing then he helped you break out of it!and really awww! :}

Good luck girl !!

Thank you :))

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You're doing great. Everyone's a work in progress.