Okay, I'm here to help. I've had PTSD for years. I've learned to function with it. If you need help, I have a lot to knowledge and resources to share. Just reach out...
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What are some ways to deal
With it if someone is not ready/comfortable with seeking therapy for it for the time being?

Hi, I'd have to know more about the type of anxiety you have: panic attacks, or generalized anxiety disorder? What are the symptoms: Racing heart, butterflies in your stomach, knot in throat, etc.? Is is acute onset or there all the time?

That being said, one aspect of changing or starting to effect this disorder is to learn to put your mind at rest; and trying to minimize the production of cortisol (adrenaline).

Common techniques included: 1) controlled breathing exercises 2) progressive body relaxation 3) simple meditation, ten minutes, 3-4x a day 4) casual exercise, going for a walk outdoors 5) yoga 6) avoiding simple carbohydrates and alcohol.

The key (usually) for long term relief is finding the root cause. Sometimes it's purely genetic, but even in that case it can be managed and symptoms controlled, minimized, or eliminated.

Hope that helps. Feel free to message me.