My anxiety started after all the bad things ended... I 've been through a mildly traumatic experience recently, and while i was supposed to keep it together I did. I slept when I needed to sleep, worked when I needed to work. Got everything done because it had to be done. Now things have begun to settle ( it's not completely over, but it's getting there), and as soon as it started to get better, I began to lose it. I get really panicky, and get startled easily. I can't sleep and I have trouble concentrating. I've started running again, and that helps, but I was thinking of taking mild no-prescription medication to help me sleep...
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Sounds like a part of a Post traumatic stress disorder, if I were you I would most certainly go seek out some professional advice ,,, all the best

When my anxiety used to keep me from sleeping I would take Valerian Root. It helped a little.
I think I understand where you are coming from, because for me if things are good or bad and I know it then I can keep it together. But when things are up in the air and I don't know whether they are good or bad, my anxiety goes crazy and I create scenarios in my head to amplify the uneasy feeling. It's a crappy thing, and its a work in progress.
If you want to talk, feel free to message me! :)