Do any of you take Ativan (Lorazepam) for sleep?

I have taken Ambien and Trazodone in the past, and started Ambien again three weeks ago but it isn't helping. When I occasionally take Ativan for anxiety, I sleep really well. I am wondering if I could take Ativan on a regular basis for sleep without it stopping working or serious side effects.
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The problem with taking Ativan daily is addiction possibilities. Benzos are highly addictive whether we admit it or not. Even some who use them daily for intended purposes become hooked & dependent. :/ that's why I stopped taking my xanax, a sister drug.
Try looking into Z Quill, an over the counter sleep med.. Or natural supplements such as melatonin or L Theanine. I have both and they both help to create more sleep brain waves.

I do worry about becoming addicted to medications. When you stopped taking Xanax did you switch to another medication for anxiety? Thank you for your suggestions. I take 10mg of Melatonin; I will look into Z Quill.

No, but Motrin PM is really great for sleep. It's also supposed to be for pain... so when I feel guilty about using it for an unintended purpose, I think: "Well technically, MY SOUL IS IN PAIN... so I need it." So then I take it and won't wake up till eight or nine hours later.

"My soul is in pain..." Yes, how right you are.

What does your prescription say? How many times a day are you suppose to take it? is the medicine you take for sleep separate from your every day medicine?

I am supposed to be taking Ambien for sleep but it is not helping. I take the Ativan on occasion, as-needed. It works really well for me.

Ambien didn't work for me either, well it partially did. I would go to sleep but would not stay asleep. Maximum 4 hours of sleep. Doctor perscribed Trazodone and even with double dose, only 4 hours of sleep. It sucks. I have not found anything that does work I hope you find something and post back here.

I take a low dose of quetiapine 25 mg to help lower anxiety and sleep, it works most of the time, larger doses course bad side effects ...
I been in it ten years, and have had no resistance build up to it..

I was on 100mg of Quetiapine before I switched to Clozapine about a year ago. Quetiapine did help me sleep, but Clozapine not as much. I am glad that Quetiapine is working for you. Thanks for sharing.