Honestly thinking that I need to be on anti anxiety meds. I'm kinda scared though because when my dad took lorazepam aka Ativan, he was all loopy and now even with the dose cut in half he won't take it. Sadly everyone else's anxiety causes my anxiety to be worse and I need to get help. Anybody have some advice?
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Your first step is to get help. Get an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Ativan is not the only drug out there, and it's not necessarily the first choice choice in drug therapy. Actually, SSRIs (which are antidepressants) seem to be the first line drug for anxiety disorders.
However, all medications come with potential side effects and each one affects us all differently. It might take some trial and error before finding the right drug and the right dose.

You might be able to avoid medication altogether with talk therapy, if that's what you and your psychiatrist think is best.

I recently got help for my anxiety after living with it for years. It's miserable having to live every day in fear. Good luck to you.

Unfortunately you won't be getting medication on self-diagnosis, so you will have to talk to your therapist or doctor about it. In the mean time you can try yoga for the breathing exercises, changing your diet from white flour products to wholewheat, St John's Wort as a natural supplement, chamomile tea at night and visualization exercises. I hope you come right!

Whilst pills are a very valid solution, a lot of people forget that anxiety is a symptom of many many different body and mind challenges. I like to think of it as the body communicating that something needs addressing. In my case it was hormonal and gut imbalances. By working with the right practitioner and/or psychologist, you'll be able to determine what your path to recovery is. A lot of people jump on the pills too soon and never end up getting to the bottom of it. Good luck and sing out if you need further advice x

Maybe you could try a long term anxiety med, like the one I am on. I was housebound for a while, my anxiety was so bad! I started an SSRI drug called celexa. My anxiety is pretty much at bay now! No more awful panic attacks :) Ativan is a short term relief med, so maybe try an SSRI med that's long term- those treat anxiety and depression. I also have xanax for short term attacks, lowest dose possible works great for me! Everyone is different. I suggest talking to your doctor and seeing a psychiatrist who really specializes in that stuff. Good luck to you! No one deserves to live with awful anxiety. In the meantime, do relaxation techniques!


You're welcome.

I spent three years suffering from depression and social anxiety. I would be worried that people were talking about me behind my back if anything was wrong with my appearance. Be it long fingernails, or a spot I missed shaving, or a tag sticking out of my shirt. I would start freaking out in my head. All systems failure haha. But after a suicide attempt and two hospitalizations I started to take medication and my anxiety is almost completely under control and my depression is gone. Medication was a very good thing for me.


No problem. Hope I could be of help.

Ya it's good to see that I'm not the only one that thinks like this day to day, ya know

It is hard to know what will work for you and it may take several different medications to find out. Trial and error. The important thing is that you do seek help. Living with anxiety is miserable.