I have had anxiety for years and years and I am good at hiding it from people. I don't have problems talking to people or anything like that but I get way too stressed out over things to the point where I get anxiety attacks.

It got better when I fell in love with someone and he helped me work through a lot of my issues. However we are no longer together and I worry about things getting bad again. To be honest I am anxious about becoming more anxious again!
Dovesery Dovesery
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

It's that "what if" worrying that comes with the territory of having anxiety. Most of the time though, all that worrying comes down to a waste of energy. I do empathize, having anxiety myself.

Very true! That's interesting because since I was young my father told me not to obsess over the "what ifs" but as you would be able to understand, those "what ifs" are hard not to spend time worrying about.

Yes, I can understand and relate to this because I do it myself. It's become a habit and as they naturally go, they can be hard to break.