I had the worst day yesterday. I had went out with my sister and her family. There were too many people and way too loud. I had a panic attack. I felt like i was going to die. My sister had to call my sister to come pick me up. And today the anxiety is coming and going. Im trying to fight it. I feel bad cause i let it get to me. Eveyone says i need to get out more and fight it. But yet i love staying home. I do get out to shop. I just go real early so i wont be around alot of people. And i do fine than. Im so tried of anxiety. Sometimes my pill dont even help.
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I know how u feel I have anxiety for yrs I do deep breathing and listening to relaxation tapes does help to,and when u feela attack come on and this is for anyone put a rubber band around your arm and pull on it it will help with the attack distract u from it hope this helps all,I am on medication and take it one day at a time I am clautrophobic I cant be in crowded places.

Thanks everyone for commenting. Its like i want to fight it and when the time comes i do goodbat first. But that feeling comes over me. My heart feels like it will come out of my chest, i start to shake and cant even really stand up. Thats when my mind gose blank. And i just want to run home.

I struggle with anxiety as well. Sometimes I feel incredibly guilty because of it. I snap at my fiancé for talking too loud and making jokes in public because I feel like it draws attention to us, when all I want is to be unnoticed.
It's a constant struggle. I can't offer much advice because I suffer every day from this, but I can promise you that you aren't the only one who goes through this.

I know what you're going through. I used to be that way for years. I would use my boyfriend as a crutch. He would get angry at me and couldn't understand what I was going through. Sadly, he was the cause of most of my panic attacks. I honestly can't give you advice, but I will say that some of the best feelings for me was when I would learn the times of busy hours for stores and go into then without a lot of people. People telling you to fight through it, shows that they don't really understand what you're going through. The anxiety has to be fixed from within, not outside of you. Or you'll set yourself up for failure.

I hate that. I have issues like that as well. *huggles*