Help me! I'm feeling like I'm about to die and I'm having the worst anxiety attack!!
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18-21, M
4 Responses Aug 28, 2014

Are you at home? I know its hard but try and take your mind off of it. Im having anxiety right now too. And its hard to get rid of the feelings. But we are stronget than it. Deep breaths. Know your not alone.

Pick a point in the room where you are. Breath in, count to three, breath out count to three, in, three, out three... do this for as long as it takes for your focus to become the only thing in your view. Just in and out. When you are a little calmer look down at your wrist, palm facing you. See the three lines? Just under those lines on the side facing your body (closest to your body) take your other thumb and just press (not too hard) on that point for 30 secs. Wait ten minutes. If you are still jumpy and still don't have access to something calming, press that spot again, just for 30 secs.

Take deep breaths. Sit down, deep breaths in and out. Keep doing that and allow your mind to settle. You're not alone.

Hey are you okay?

No sadly :(

Do 1 min of intense high knee running, 20 star jumps, 10 sit ups, 10 push ups. Do it all fast and with extra effort and keep pushing yourself and then lie down when you have finished.