I have anxiety when I'm in a huge crowd of people I do not know or when I am in a small building/room with a lot of people in it. Tonight we were at a small restaurant, there was a lot of people (only about two or three booth/tables open) and I was having some anxiety. My stepdad told me to just knock it off and stop worrying so much. He does not know what I go through so he has NO room to say ANYTHING! It just infuriates me because I cannot help when and where I have the anxiety it just happens. He does not get it. My mom still doesn't understand. She thinks I'm just acting. They both don't believe me that I may have anxiety. They've turned down any suggestions/hints I have given about getting on anti-anxiety pills.
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I am so sorry your family is like that. Medication for anxiety isn't always necessary; there are lots of tips and tricks for helping cope like exercising, meditation, that kind of thing. Look around the internet for some articles or try and talk to someone (maybe at school) who knows a little bit about how to help with anxiety. I think the only thing you can do with your family is to keep trying to educate them on the subject.

They have natural pills for anxiety

I have high anxiety. I chose not to take pills; I do exercises and talk to my therapist about it. I think you should consult a doctor or psychiatrist first to see if they recommend pills or therapy. If they do recommend pills, then your parents can't really disagree with a professional's opinion. I'm sorry, I know it's frustrating when someone doesn't understand. I deal with major anxiety and insomnia, and my mom always tells me, "Just go to sleep, close your eyes, what's the problem?"If you find it in your heart to forgive them ahead of time, it will make your life a lot easier and you will be less angry. I always tell myself that my family members "can't help it", because they've never experienced it themselves. So forgive their ignorance.

I get that way, especially if there's a lot of noise too. It overwhelms me. I suggest mentioning it to your family doctor the next time you see him/her for anything else.