I don't go back to work until Tuesday and I'm already feeling so anxious and depressed. My hubby and I have talked about me resigning but that also scares me as it is a huge step and quite a change. My job not only sucks up all of my time and throws me around onto different shifts, the managers also treat us like the lowest pieces of worthless **** too.They make me feel useless and stupid and I'm not sure how much more abuse I can take. I know money isn't everything but there's a lot to be said about being financially independent and comfortable. When is it time to wave the white flag and just give in and quit? When do you start looking at your overall health and well-being and put those first? Finding a new job is definitely an option, but there's not a whole lot around me and none are going to pay like this one does. I'm so conflicted right now..
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I've just made a decision to leave my current job that pays well but makes me miserable and leaves me feeling unchallenged and unmotivated for a slightly lower paid job with the prospects of a better career long term. I suffer with social anxiety so this is a huge step for me and I worry how I'll manage in my next job but I'm also aware that nothing will get better (and only get worst) if I stay put and don't take risks to better myself ....

Also I wouldn't have left unless I had another job already .... think the worst thing I could have done is leave and have nothing in the pipeline .... I think I would have set myself at a disadvantage there, with my social anxiety probably getting worst

I hear ya! I hope all works out well for you. Good luck and thanks for responding

I think it's a really good idea to keep working. It helps me so much, giving me something to occupy myself with.

I faced a tough situation and decided to quit and find a better one. That was July. My depression and anxiety got worse since then. I was exhausted when I was working but I surely felt better.

Now I feel so bad that I can't get out of the house.

So please think before you leave the job. Everyone is different but financial issues and insecurity can really hit you.

I'm sorry about your situation! I will definitely think long and hard before making any major decision. Thank you for responding