I'm not quite sure how my brain works but it does, but not like other peoples. It's hard to explain so bear with me...

When somone says something I will know what thay are talking about even when I haven't the slightest clue why. I don't think anything that ever comes out of my mouth comes out correctly, and when something comes out of my mouth it's the wrong thing.

Like a time ago I said 'something' -I don't remember what- but everyone looked at me like -how do you know that- . There are times like that where I honestly can't tell them. I know how things are done, but don't know how to do them, wait that's not quite right. They say it might be something I knew before my accident, but I don't know.

There is alot I don't know and that's where my anxiety and fear come from. I just have a lack of experience. I also have a fear of trying for the sheer fact that will lead to embarassment the first 99 times I try. I don't know what to do about it.

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You can't succeed in anything if you never try. Everyone fails at things. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.<br />
Don't worry so much about it. Just because it might to take you a few times to do something, doesn't make you any less than anyone else. We all fail at things ! Also, everyone's brain works in a unique way, so don't feel that you are alone in feeling "different." We are all different and trying to fit into a mold of "normal" which doesn't actually exist; its just an idea.<br />
So be yourself and rock at it.

honey just do the best you can, and be yourself. relax and be yourself. do not doubt yourself just be whoyou are, and if ppl accept it then fine andif not then it,it is ok. JUST be true to yourself and if ppl accept it then fine, if not then it is ok too.<br />
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