Im Gonna Loose My Job

i grew up in a household where i never felt safe, protected and taken care of. i think thats what hard wired me for anxiety. ive had it all my life. i started a new job and im having a hard time. it gets crazy busy and my manager keeps putting me on the register during the rushes. its like a walking panic attack. im so afraid that im gonna screw up and my mind is gonna go blank. theres so much adreniline in my bloodstream it literally makes me shake. my heart pounds and i make stupid mistakes because im so afraid im gonna screw up! my manager doesnt help anything the way he rushes me either. i shorted the drawer during a rush the other day because everything was so chaotic and i couldnt think straight. im afraid that if i complain theyre gonna tell me if i cant handle it i need to find another job.

imzadi81 imzadi81
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I also have anxiety/PTSD I do take meds for this and see someone I could not go out the door without crying and screaming but thanks to the ''doctors'' more than one I can get out the door.And yes I still have my days where I need to hide from the world.Hang in there prayers

Ok. Given what you said, I'd start looking. But meanwhile do the absolute best job you can. The others around you are human and have flaws too... Maybe you are or could outperform them and aren't even aware? Always do the best you can, in good times or in bad... wish I could...

Have you checked with your Human Resources about intermittent family medical leave?