I Have Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis Too

I am so thankful to see that other women out here seem to have what I have...

I have always been a sick kid, I was that kid in the back of the class room with there own tissue box. Every thing seemed to change though when I got to high school. My periods were unbarable, I would lose so much blood in the middle of the night I would pass out on my bed room floor from getting up too fast the next morning. My cramps were absolutely terrible..I would get dizzy and sweat from the pain, so finally I said enough was enough. I was then put on Birth Control to even things out. And then it hit me, this rash on my chest right above my breasts, the itching was unfathomable. It's hard even now to explain how it feels, its close to a stinging crawling sort of pain. An itch that would never be satisfied. The patches of red grew more and more each day and began to spread to my neck and then to the left side of my face starting from my forehead all the way down my chin. I was miserable, and for some reason my skin became extremely sensitive to water, showers, pools, sweat. ( does anyone else get like this? ) And I couldn't stand the heat, I would cry to just go outside because I knew if I did there would be a consiquece, the itch. So once I knew this was here for good I saw my Allergist and my blood was tested for everything, thinking it was a food allergy I had been eating. wrong. I did have a new list of Allergies though. Animal Dander, Dust, Dustmites, Cockroaches, Hay, Grass, Pollen. Pretty much everything outside...so I began weekly allergy shots in the mean time I still cried every time I showered or washed my face or sweated. Test after Test came back negative, I was a year and a half into this mess and I never thought I was going to find a solution. I was begining to think I had lost my mind. I was put on prednisone which did the worst damage to my feet but took the rash away. But it also gave me 20lbs that I didn't need. I felt very alone and I felt like I was slowly losing contact with my surroundings, I was desperate for anything. I googled things over and over again until I finally came across this website. And I thought to myself,
"You know Kimberly, what else is left?"

Im 17 years old and I was diagnosed with APD through a skin injection test. I've waited so long for these answers, Also while I was there I was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. So it's clear to say my skin is very sensitive. My doctor is starting me on Xolair which is a shot ment for very Asthmatic patients, but it is also used to stop Allergens in its tracks and may help and Itching or Hive. So Ladies talk to your doctors. I promise I'll keep you posted once I start the shot to see what the out come is. Also Im switching to a low dose birth control.

Thank You So Much Ladies, with out all of your stories I would have given up hope.
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Hello you should not be using synthetic birth control. It sounds like you need to get of that ASAP and look into natural progesterone treathment. Heavy periods are a usually seen with estrogen dominance. Syntheic non bio identical hormones are dangerous. Please stay away