I Enjoyed It

Ive only done it once or twice, but someone just couldnt seem to get their makeup to look right and asked me for my imput. She knew that I was a creative person with some artistic ability (though I emphasize SOME). I am often asked for input on decorating or whatever because They say I have the "eye of an artist". Anyway....I tried telling her what would make a difference here and there, but she just couldnt grasp what I was saying. So she washed it ALL off, handed me her supplies and said "you do it". I had never done it before and was a little nervous, but it was and interesting "challenge" and I went to work. She sat there calmly placing her complete faith in me not to screw it up (no pressure there....). When I was done, she looked and was so impressed and pleased, which made me feel pretty "proud" of it myself. I actually got asked to do her make up one other time before I lost contact with her. My wife doesnt wear much makeup, so I have never done hers.....but she does trust me with some of her "personal grooming" (but thats another story in itself LOL).

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I enjoyed it tremendously. It brought out my creative spirit in that I wanted her to look as natural as she possibly could and yet emphasize the real true beauty she had. Id do it again if ever asked to.

that sounds fun<br />
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I have wanted to get my creative bf to do mine for fun once, but it never happened for some reason.