I Also Am A Sufferer.

Hi, I too suffer the intense itching after bathing, swimming, or am outside on a humid day.  My itching started approximately 35 years ago.  I went to several derma docs and received no help and no clear diagnosis.  It's interesting because my episodes of itching after bathing can be constant and last approx. 20 minutes in duration primarliy on my legs and arms, or they can last a lot longer and involve those areas as well as my chest, neck, face, stomach and the tops of my feet. Sometimes they are truly agonizing!   However, I do feel better after reading the other stories.  I too have rushed to dress after showering, jumped into my bed and tried to tighten the sheets on my body, have tried to take the shortest showers I can, and have tried benadryl (no help there).  Interesting to hear about the tanning beds, very hot showers, the pinching, and the xanax.  I look forward to trying anything to reduce the symptoms.
Maybe there needs to be more public awareness in order to have more research?  I remain hopeful someday we will have a cure.
victrolli victrolli
Jul 16, 2010