Love Water Can´t Stand The Itch

Goodness until today I thought I was the only person in the world to suffer from water itching.  As a child I would sometimes scratch my legs until they bled after a bath or school swimming lessons.   All my life I have simply presumed it must be various additives in the water that caused this and all my life I have simply put up with it knowing that after a shower, a bath or swimming I was going to itch for an hour or more afterwards.    Mostly it is my arms and legs, especially my legs.   It truly has had an impact on my life, I´ve stayed out of the sea or the swimming pool when I´ve really wanted to be in there.  We have our own swimming pool here where we live and I really can´t spend much time in it, much as I want to because of the infernal itching when I get out.     I take anti histamine every day during the summer months, it seems to help a little but not much.

At one time I would use only Fenjal in my bath but even that doesn´t seem to work these days.     We lived in Africa for some years and going in the sea or the pool really seemed essential every day, it was so hot, but always the thought of the infernal itching afterwards would put me off.   At the present time here where I live the temperature is 40+C and I would like to spend time in the pool, but the thought of the itching more than once a day keeps me out.

If anyone has any remedies that help or work I would be more than willing to try them.
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Do read through all of the other posts and comments on this site. The yahoogroup of fellow sufferers now has 901 members, and we will always accept more. To find it, try putting "aquagenicskin" in your search engine.

Thanks for that redbuck, I will most certainly give it a try. No shortage of aloe vera plants or creams and lotions here.

u could try aloe vera, it may not prevent the itch but it could relieve it. its mostly for burns but it could work with itches too