Itching And Stressing Out

I have phases when the itching gets really bad, and this morning was one of them. I got out of the shower and quite quickly it crept up on me. I get it all over the body, and sometimes it feels like there's an itch jumping from place to place. Sometimes it's more like pain than an itch, and I feel almost like screaming. This is when, out of desperation, I searched for "itchiness after shower" and found out about aquagenic pruritus.

I generally try to control it by putting body lotion on as soon as possible after a bath or shower, but often it feels too late. I never knew that there were options like anti-histamines.

There have also been times when I get the itchiness in public, and I used to think it was a bit like a panic attack. I used to work in an office and I'd feel like I just needed to go home when it came on - it felt paralysing. I still don't really know what this was.

I've also suffered with this for years, and I'm glad to have found others who have such similar experiences. This morning I was pacing round my room feeling a bit like a headless chicken and wondering what someone would think if they saw me in this state!
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

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