I Itch Therefore I Am....help

I just joined this group today and am happy to have found it because my dermatologist tells me she has no idea why I am itching.  I am tired of taking cold showers (even then I itch after) and dreading taking showers at all.  I am just tired of it all. My sisters have the same problem however they can take Zyrtec and be okay for the most part. My doctor gave me Doxipen, but it doesn't stop the itching and it makes me tired.  I am not sure what to do anymore and I am at my witts end. In the humid weather it is bad, sweating and working out it is bad.  My scalp itches too I look like I have head lice at times.  I HATE it and I have no idea what to do anymore.  I am in NYC and will try to find a better dermatologist one that believes this is an actual issue.  
Nice to know this is an issue and I am not alone.  I itch as though I am coming out of my skin..its so tingly at times i want a steel comb to itch  with. Does anyone have any remedies?????

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I would die for a cold shower..... literally. I have cold urticaria, so anything cold.... water, wind, aircon, drops in temp, even the shade on a sunny day can set me off in hives. Whoever thought you could be allergic to the cold for godsake! Its the absolute worst thing ever, I can sympathise xx

Thank you everyone. I have tried a few of the suggestions and they are helping. The hot, hot water and the cotton clothing are helping me!

i just want to add that to try to minimize the shower itch this is exactly what i have learned from experience so far--- shower at night instead of the morning, use dove for sensitive skin, try washing your hair separate then from in the shower- it seems that the soaps make it worse, softened water is better (i have hard water and i noticed when i take a shower with soft water it is not as bad), dry your skin off immediately after showering and lay in your bed with the covers on and the fan blowing on high and yes i do use a boar bristle brush to literally brush my skin. <br />
but im not even kidding when i say literally right after u shower jump into bed and cover your skin with soft cotton covers and just try to relax.. that is probably the one thing that keeps me from going completely insane after showering. the softness of the sheets provides a barrier on your skin that seems to lessen some of the itch. let me know if this helps!

omg i am sooooo thrillied to have found out exactly what i have been going through for years now!!!! i have been suffering with hives since a child, but in 06 i had a severe outbreak. i was put on zyrtec, prednisone, allegra, and zantac 75. i continued this for about a year with the prednisone being the only thing that gave me relief. i was then able to wean myself off of prednisone but continued the zyrtec. if i did not take that medication, i would itch all over and especially when i took a shower. my symptoms remained in limbo until recently when i exercise or my body temp rises and when i shower the itch is unbearable again. just today, my doctor switched my to clarinex and singulair. i am really hoping this helps. i did not even know what this was called until tonight-- i thought i had chronic idiopathic urticaria but not i know it is aquagenic pruritus. i would recommend prednisone as a way of getting the symptoms possibly under control- however it is a steroid and it is not something you want to be on long- term.

Yes, there are many things that help. Do read through all posts and responses, and you will find some things to try. The easiest thing to try first: try ending your shower with the hottest water you can stand, NOT cool water.