Something New To Try

I have had AP for about 13 years, exactly as other sufferers have described, and have spent that time looking for solutions. I think I may have found something to help at least some of my fellow-sufferers. I had switched to glycerine soap, unscented, organic laundry products, non-chemical water purification system, etc. Nothing helped. But I eventually noticed that it mattered what time of day I bathed or showered. The later in the day, the milder the reaction. For years now, I have bathed at night instead of showering in the morning. Also, even though most antihistamines are ineffective, I found that Aerius (desloratadine) does help, although it takes about 30 minutes to work, so sometimes I chew them, if I'm really desperate. It occurred to me, maybe I'm not allergic to the water. Maybe I'm allergic to my bed and the water is just a trigger. After all, the longer I've been out of my bed when I contact the water, the less I react. I put an anti-dust mite cover on my mattress, bought organic cotton sheets and wash them 2-3 times a week. Then I realized that my reactions started at my cottage. We had bought a new bed when we acquired the place. I had never had a brand new mattress before, in my life. A few years later, we bought a new bed for our house. That's when I started having reactions all the time. When I realized this, I immediately hauled out the old, lumpy mattress we used to sleep on, which had been relegated to the spare room. With the old bed and the late-night bathing, I rarely get a reaction any more. I can actually shower at night too. One of these days, I will get brave and try a morning shower. If I'm okay with that, as soon as I can afford it, I am going to buy one of those hypoallergenic mattresses and see if I am still okay. I have not seen any literature linking a new mattress to AP, so I am interested to see if anyone shares this experience.
woodsd woodsd
Sep 26, 2010