I Think The Mold/fungi/bugs Theory Is Right

I have had AP for about 8 yrs though I am much better for the past three due to all the pro-active things I have done to help myself-none of which come from the medical profession,I'm an all natural medicine lady! I've just completed a course of herbal medicine for a gum abcess and I had no itching during this time (I don't itch much anymore anyway) -I am sure it is because I have killed off a load of bad bugs in my system(also cured the abcess too).I had a hair analysis which said I was sensitive to mould/candida/streptococcus plus some preservatives.I am going to try Ozone Therapy with UV Irradiation-this should kill off a whole lot more bugs in my blood and hopefully put paid to this curse once and for all.I go tomorrow so will report back with conclusion.I take Vit D daily too-5000iu-took 10,000iu in the early days and I am sure this helped a lot-UV exposure increases the amount of Vit D in your skin radically.
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What does the the tanning do and why does it give relief?

I have found laying in the tanning bed has helped mine tremendsouly!!!! So much so that I bought a good used bed to keep in my home. I wouldn't make it without it.

Yes-quite a few sufferers use sunbeds to good effect.They do say though that when the tan is wearing off they get very itchy again.If you want to keep doing it I would suggest the antioxidant-Astaxanthin-it will protect you from free radical damage caused by the repeated sunbed use.