I've Had This Since College!

I'm so glad to have found this website. I have had this condition since college (a very long time ago!) and been told many things by many doctors, none of which worked. I too can't shower first thing in the morning without paying a BIG price, have no luck with antihistamines, moisturizers or any of the other usual suggestions. I sure don't shower every day, and have the same dread expressed here so often of actually taking a shower. Once recently it was so bad that I took a Vicodin along with a Benedryl, which knocked me out cold for about 4 hours. Worked, but lacked that special quality of practicality - no way that's a good idea on a workday!

I'm amazed that some people find hot water works, because that seems to make my itching worse. I often run just cold water before getting out of the shower, and have also rubbed ice on my skin until it's numb to get relief. I'm very interested in anything else others have tried with any success at all.

I do feel much better just knowing that I'm not nuts, that it is a real condition and there are others.
rancherwoman rancherwoman
61-65, F
May 9, 2012