I have this cursed condition for 40 years and it has been getting worse since about 8 years ago. I find the only help is an air conditioner. cold air blowing on my skin is the only way of easing the pain. I live in Ireland and the winters are great because it is cold and windy. i have tried every remedy even the ones that are not clinically minded - i had to try anything to get relief. My daughter also has it and she is 32. I am 57 and in my mid 20's it came and went at various times. I used to think it was linked to clothes, environment, dust, soaps, shampoos, anxiety, stress, etc now i feel it causes stress and anxiety.

So my suggestion is cold air with a cheap portable air conditioner unit or walk in the wind. Air con in cars also works as before I got the portable unit I used to drive around in a freezing car - it was great.
Frank2521 Frank2521
May 18, 2012