Could It Really Be?!?! Have I Found The Answer?!?

Wow. I mean, all I can say right now is, "wow." I am a 32 year old Wisconsin born and raised woman. I have been suffering from what I THINK is AP since at least the age of 12. (at least that is my first memory of a horrible episode where I was left hiding in my parents' car crying and scratching my legs raw.) As I read and research further, I become more and more convinced I share with those of you who have found a diagnosis.

My biggest trigger is bare skin. I cannot wear shorts or skirts – even short sleeve shirts will sometimes cause an episode. Even in the middle of the day sometimes, my arms will start to itch if I’m wearing short sleeves. I ALWAYS take a shrug or hoodie to work with me – even on the hottest of days so I have the option to cover my skin to avoid a terrible episode. The next most common trigger for me is exposure to water. Like many of you, if I don’t cover up immediately after a bath, I start to itch. If I wear anything but long cotton pants to bed, I will itch. There are times when I don’t catch an episode quick enough and find myself tossing and turning into the night wrapping and re-wrapping my legs in blankets twitching and ******* and crying. I considered the possibility that I was just going crazy… Then, my mom was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome.  I thought maybe that’s what I had!! Many of the symptoms started sounding like what I was experiencing… So, I re-termed my “itchy leg syndrome” – something I’d called it for years and years… RLS…

I have an appointment with my primary physician in 4 days. Up until tonight, I was prepared to walk into her office and ask her to diagnose me with RLS… But now, I have SOOOOO many other questions to ask her!!


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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Wow I have pretty much the exact same experience as you! Always have a sweater, can only wear skirts without leggings under very specific conditions, I'm over 6' tall and have to buy expensive tall pajama pants because SO HELP ME if my ankles are bare! Nice to hear a similar story - I hope you are finding good answers. I tend to turn to routines and find that helps me avoid it post-shower. Sadly I have to avoid swimming which I used to love, but oh well!

Just read your post now, and it seems as though (with some of your symptoms) that it may be light induced as well. Myself, i have an allergy to intense sunlight.. which causes the itching in sunlight and when my legs and what not are uncovered. The AP would be with direct contact w water or sweat. Please update us as to how you are doing and what the results of your doctors appintments were. Hope all is going well for you now.