Suffering For 15 Years.....

I have had aquagenic pruritus for 15 years. It took 5 years to be diagnosed and even after there was no treatment offered other than antihistamines.

I've tried everything and the only thing that works (most but not all the time) is not touching my legs with a towel after showering and slathering a heavy lotion on my wet legs immediately.

I read that on a blog 3 years ago and it works about 95% of the time. It makes sense to me as my doctor who diagnosed it year's ago explained that it's the process of evaporation of water on the skin that triggers the histimine release....and....the terrible itch. For some reason, I think the lotion on wet skin helps delay or stall the evaporation.

For all of those new and veterans out there. You are not crazy or alone and no one other than a sufferer can understand what it feels like " feel like a million bugs are stinging me underneath of my skin...". That is the only way I could explain the intense itch and discomfort.

Mine is limited to my legs and begins about 5 minutes after I shower and lasts about 30 minutes. By the way, it never happens after a bath. Strange.

I hope there is a treatment or explanation in the future. It is truly unbearable.
Itchingsince1997 Itchingsince1997
31-35, F
Oct 11, 2012