My Dramatic Version Of Aquagenic Pruritus

I'm 23 and I've had this condition since 14, I initially thought it was due to dirty water or probably the presence of bacteria on my skin that were 'hydrophobic' and therefore resorted to drill further into my skin. Ergo, I scrubbed my skin much more furiously with a rough sponge and antibacterial soap, however I was frustrated so many times by failure. Thence, I resolved that this was probably a psychopathic condition, ergo, after showering I would fight tirelessly with my mind, to try and keep a calm disposition and for some idiopathic reason the itching would be less severe or would only last for a few minutes, probably five minutes. Problem was.... that, if I percieved my room to be dirty (the shower room or my bedroom) I'd often feel disgusted, and the itching would start either spontaneously or in the next one minute, so then I'd feel so disgusted about everything around me, coupled with a feeling of being cleaner than the enviroment and I'd only require fresh clean and ironed clothes to give me a sense of satisfaction.

I have since come to realise that, a quick shower (regardless of the water temperature and other factors), coupled with a quick dress up once out of the shower and increased water intake, remedies my condition to a near inexistent level. Meaning that the itching may be present but it is at this point irrelevant or vanquished.
makste makste
Dec 1, 2012