Aquagenic Pruritis Relief

My wife has suffered severe itching after bathing for seven years. The only relief is when we are on holiday. She does not get any itching after bathing in sea water or from the water at the holiday accommodation. This comes from a bore hole and has no chemical additives.
This would rule out the extremes of temperature theory but could point to the affect of Chlorine and/or fluorine in the water.
4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Dead Sea Salts- Minerals actually labeled from Tel Aviv seem to help my bath water, if I go in the tub instead of a shower with these I can mitigate a reaction

Swimming pools set me off badly so it may be the chlorine but if I have a bath its ok. Showers can be very painful. I made the stupid mistake last night of exfoliating with a scrub, I nearly cried from the pain afterwards.
Going to the Doctor today.

I had a similar reaction when teaching in Korea. I was fine in the ocean and stuff but then when I'm in the water here (lakes, etc) I get a horrible reaction.

I just found this site and told my story. I have a similar experience to your wife. I, too, believe its the water itself. It's like something in my water. When I travel to Spain, I never have it, nor anywhere else when traveling abroad. I suppose I can try a purification system as recommended or a water softener.