Finally I Found This Name For This!!!!

I am 34 years old, living in Florida my whole life and have experienced brutally itchy legs after showers for years. I have mentioned it to dermatologists and even a neurologist time after time with no help. I got the standard reply of moisturize more, pat dry, change soap, laundry detergent, etc. It used to be only my legs, but recently it is spreading more over my body, but my legs are always the worst!!! I only shower at night because I would never make it to work if I showered in the morning. I have learned if I put on pants ( hospital grade scrubs pants work best) sooner it helps alleviate the itch and prevents claw marks from my nails. This means a lifelong on pants sleeping. Even friction from certain sheets and comforters exacerbate it. I have suffered in silence for many years. I have noticed that when I travel the itch disappears almost completely (especially international travel)! That leaves me questioning my own water. Is it too hard? Should I install a water softener? Any other advise is greatly appreciated!
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I posted this on your other story too... but hey, wanted to make sure ya saw it! :)

I would try a water purifier system.
Have you looked at this site:
Hoping you find something that helps this!