The Itching Drives Me Mad

Ive had this since i was about 14, im now 24. as a teenager i would get into trouble with my parents because my skin was dirty because i was so scared of showering, even now it can take me up to an hour to psych myself up to shower. sometimes during and always after a shower i get intense intching for anything up to 40 minutes. i want to cry it drives me mad and its a nightmare, i have kind of hair you have to wash every day but i cant stand to because if my skin. i thought i was the only one and i was going mad, other people would tell me they had itchy skin too but i knew they didnt understand as they could hold a conversation after coming out of the shower wheres all i can think about is the itching. i has exzema as a child, this is not exzema, mousturier doesnt help niether do over the counter antihistimines, nothing helps and its getting me down.

pinchbea pinchbea
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

I know just what you're talking about, Pinchbea! If you'd like to connect with a bunch of others with the same problem, join our yahoogroup. Send a message to<br />
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My recommendation: try ending your shower with the hottest water you can stand, for the last few minutes. Many of us find this to be such a relief!