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Ive had symptoms since i was 8, starting in the bathtub and increasing when i would go into the neighbors pool. At first it was only my hands and feet, and i would break out really bad in hives after i swam in a pool no matter the cholrine content or chemicals. It started to decrease during 8th grade and soon stopped, and didn't return until my soph. year in high school when i moved states. Now it's been a few years and its back worse than ever. I have a chorline filtered shower head, and special soap but it doesn't work amazingly. If i use heat it makes the itching worse. I am allergic to anti- histamines. and if i try to pat dry or air dry it only makes the feeling last longer and more intese. the only thing i think that has a chanse is PUVA or photochemotherapy, but that is expensive. any suggestions??

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Possible items to treat the symptoms – which I live on:<br />
(Take caution mixing any alterative meds. with pharmaceutical meds.. Look up online any of these items or talk to you doctor if you are not sure or have questions. This is only what I do and it has been working)<br />
<br />
**Silver Water, Liquid Sliver, and Colloidal Sliver- I drink about a teaspoon 1-2X a day and I <br />
use This topically. (Natural Antibiotic it kills around 300 bacteria’s)<br />
<br />
Homeopathic “Hives”- It is a combo of Homeopathic remedies just for hives. I take 2 tabs <br />
2X a day on the average<br />
<br />
Walgreen’s “Wal-phed” for allergies and sinus. I take 1 tab 2X a day (Chlorpheniramine and<br />
Pseudoephedrine<br />
<br />
**Valerian root 1500 mg- I take 2 tabs up to 3X a day on bad days. Valerian root is the base of what they make Valium out of. It is marketed as a sleep aid, but I use it for PMS, muscule relaxer, for stress, for anxiety, and light chemical imbalance. (Wonder non-drug)<br />
<br />
Any brand if intestinal Flora – I use “Now” “Rr8-Dophilus 1 tab 3X a day with meals. <br />
This one is new to me. I just started trying it, and it seems to be working.<br />
<br />
B-12 1 tab 1X a day. I just started trying it, and it seems to be working. All B vitamins are<br />
Good for stress<br />
<br />
Potassium 99mg- I take 1 tab 1X a day. This was just recommended to me, and I just <br />
started taking it and it seems to be working REALLY GOOD! <br />
<br />
****Psoriasin topical gel or liquid – I use this 2-3 times a day as needed. REALLY GOOD!<br />
Could not live with out this.<br />
<br />
** I would try these first , if you have not already<br />
I do not take all of these at the same time but through out the day. Some days are better than others.<br />
<br />
My thoughts on the cause if Aquagenic Pruritus:<br />
( It is hard for me to try so many things as I only suffer from this for about 2 months a year. I would love feedback if any one gets good results.)<br />
<br />
Ph imbalance ( Eastern Diet for alkaline / Acidy )<br />
Over active antibodies<br />
Over active histamines levels<br />
Colon – needing cleansing<br />
Kidneys – needing cleansing<br />
A couple other organ cleansing I do not know much about<br />
Intestinal candida ( Dr. Luke De Sheppard (SP) has a great diet )<br />
Intestinal parasites ( Ginger )<br />
Nerve damage or disorder<br />
Topical parasites<br />
Lymphatic system disorder<br />
Mineral Deficiency ( In Arizona we drink a lot more water, mid-summer and deplete our bodies of minerals )<br />
<br />
<br />
As I have gone through different things and have always looked to natural remedies, I have a lot of information on them but cannot type any longer. If any of this information is not accurate – I stand corrected.

I have heard more about UVB helping than PUVA. Talk to a doctor to see if it can be prescribed and your medical plan covers it. I get a treatment 2 or 3 times a week, and I pay nothing.<br />
<br />
Also, some people have good results from putting baking soda in the bathwater. If hot showers make it worse, try cool baths with the soda.<br />
<br />
Let us know how it turns out!