Try Cold Packs

My best solution is using ice packs to numb the area then applying topical pain creme and lotion. It helps to wet the area first (after the numbing ice pack), even though it sounds like that would be death to this group. It seems that numbing the nerves which cause itching (which are pain receptors) makes them amenable to keeping the pain down with the topical creme. however, like all pain, once it has started and is untreated (no ice) pain relief is much more difficult. This is why doctors tell patients to take pain meds at the first notice of pain, before it gets a grip on you, rendering meds less effective.

I am nearing 50. I live on the waterway and play tennis every day in a humid climate. I have had these symptoms since I was a teenager. Drives me nuts. Mostly on tops of hands, wrists, neck and sometimes shoulder. Showers are fine, but I apply moisture lotion to my most likely areas after showering as a prophylactic. Mine is rain/humidity. I can literally tell you when it is going to rain. My itching starts in very small, localized areas and always stays in that area. It passes after some time, but tends to come and go in that same area for the next several episodes. It is intense, as all have described. It will wake me up at night sometimes, and then sleep is out of the question. I take cold packs to bed with me in a cooler, and I can put them on at first itch and it kills it and I sleep with the pack on the area.

Anyone sound like this is familiar?

skylar21 skylar21
Feb 11, 2010