Alone With Arithmomania

tl;dr I do things in fours.

Since i was a kid i would always let the number four make my decisions. I would split every meal i have into fours, i would count patterns of objects i saw until i was satisfied that is is relative to the number four, but most signicantly i saw a priority in some #'s for instance:

4>5 6>7 9>7 44 is sacred 444 isnt as significant because there are three fours 40 is pretty good 37 i cant stand 48 seems too wierd but still somewhat superior and so forth. Unlike some i know where i developed this from. I started building an assumption from the 1st is the worst 2nd is the best jingle. They usually left out 4 as some kind of anomaly and said something like 4 is the one with the treasure chest which rhymed with hairy hairy chest and i guess it felt incomplete due to its lack of coherant rhyme scheme. Through the years ive wondered if i would be better without it because of how distracting it is, but ive learned to embrace it and use it to my advantage. Its like i see a significance in numbers that no one else can see and i also feel a little better aftercalculating anything relative to 4 so that minor boost of happiness may be helping me keep my sanity. Its like having an itch. An itch sucks, but if you scratch it the pleasure you gain from scratching it may feel well enough to enoy obtaining the itch in the first place 4444 4444 maya llof youa rith moma niac semb race your uniq uene ss:3
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I have arithmomania too! My first magic number was 24, and over time became 32. It's just so perfect in my mind. 2, 4 and 8 all get along with each other within the confines of 32: 4x8, 4x4x2, 2x4x8/2, you name it. Wild mental malady to live with, but it's not too obstructive.

I'm obsessed with odd numbers. My phone number, house address, license plate and any other number that identifies me has to end in an odd number. (With the exception of my SSN which does not and I tried to insist that my mom change it when I was little.) I have an odd number of cats and tattoos. It's insane and I understand how you feel. I have anxiety over even numbered things. The obsessive counting of steps, chairs, light poles. And I count in French, which makes it even more annoying. It wasn't until the Count died that I realized that my issue has a name and other people do it too. It makes me feel so much better.

I dislike odd numbers so we couldn't get along ever! jkjk. All numbers are odd numbers, after all numbers seem to be intangible :P I wonder if this sensation has an off switch.

When you say "It wasn't until the count Died", do you mean that you no longer have this?
Because I have this too, and it's really anoying when you are trying to concentrete, especially in lessons, tests and exams.

I's only odd numbers for me too! When I'm nervous, I always count in my head. The counting has to end with an odd number. And I live the way 3 events, gestures or steps create a triangle in my head. I's just beautiful. I literally can't stand it when someone does anything 2 or 4 times. It just makes me panic.

That's weird, but still pretty cool in a unique sort of way. Thanks for teaching me something new today. ;D