Since Surgery July 27, 2009

I had my Chiari surgery July 27, 2009:( Since then my head, neck & back hurts really bad,  my arms & legs still go numb, ringing in my ears I feel like I'm going to choke:(  I don't sleep at night:(  When I had my surgery I was at 23cm:( I had another MRI on July 16, 2010 & I'm back at 1.8cm:( I pray that God will heal everyone living with this disease:) It's hard to have a good spirit when you feel bad all the time!!!
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my doc tors r4 not listening to me an told me im crazy this is really the hard part when I had srgery I was 29 an life was just starting now at 50 they tell me im crazy there is nothing wrong with me its in my head

I had surgery for ACM and while in surgery I contacted meningitis. After 23 days they saved my life but now I am in much worse shape than before the surgery. The surgeon who did this to me just washed his hands of the whole thing like nothing ever happened. He acted like he just wanted to get as far away from me as he could. I have also found out that I have spinal stynosis which means that the tube that carries the spinal fluid it getting smaller and smaller. I still have headaches,trouble swallowing, constant ringing in my ears, weakness in my arms and legs, severe back and neck pain, get choked when eating or drinking,and I can't sleep lying down any more. I was better off before the surgery, yet the surgeon has never been held accountable for the mess that I am in. Before surgery they told me that ACM surgery was a common thing that was done many times a day and that my life would change forever because of the results of this surgery. They were correct. My life has never been the same since the day of that surgery. I would have been better off if I would have died on the table in stead of going through what I have gone through in the last few years. I hope that no one else ever has to go through what I have gone through. But as I read some of these posts I see that many have experienced some of the same things as I have. God bless all ACM sufferers and I hope and pray a cure is found some day soon.

I understand what you are going through. I have been diagnosed with ACM since 2004. I had decompression surgery with partial removal of my C1 vertebrae on 2/14/2007. I still have constant headaches, neck/ shoulder/ back pain, ringing in my ears, numbness in my left arm and leg, trouble swallowing (especially at night). I have to take 3 different types of meds to sleep. I have tried to talk to my doctor about this and all he says is the surgery area looks good and my problems aren't related to ACM.

I am new 2 the group, but I know exactly what you're going thru. I've had chiari malformation since 2008 & had my surgery Dec 2008. I hv a lot of pain & can't slp @ nite! My family can't relate r understand what I'm going thru. I'm glad I found a group of people who actually knows what I'm feeling & going thru. I will keep u n my prayers! God bless u ...

yes u re right its painful, ur pain is lot i understand plz keep faith in god and courage that u will win all ur problems and u may become the person ur were first but better after this i think.