Not Quite...

Hello others,

Alright, I don't quite have full-blown Chiari's Malformation, but my cerebellum did develop too far down when I was growing as a child. Usually in order to be affected by Chiari's (as I was told by a doctor) your cerebellum has to be 2 cm too far down, and mine is 1.7 cm. I do get severe migraines, but nothing like what I have heard and read from you guys and others. But the one thing that I am absolutely sure my cerebellum malformation has affected is my motor skills. I am extremely clumsy.

Not just "oh, I trip on flat surfaces all the time, ha ha ha" clumsy.

I'm talking can't-walk-through-a-doorway-without-swinging-my-arms-into-it,-broken-18-bones-in-18-years,-constantly-having-bruises-that-I-don't-remember-getting, CLUMSY.

I fall/trip/painfully hurt some part of my body, in an average day more times than most people do in an average week.

I have a friend who goes to the same school that I used to who has full blow Chiari's and is getting surgery soon, but I still don't feel like we have the same thing.

It's kind of hard being like "Oh yah, I kinda have that." People look at me weird. Well, weirder than they usually look at me.

So I know I don't have ANYTHING to complain about, having read your stories and realizing that it could be much, much worse, but I hope I can still put my story here and have it appreciated, even if it isn't as bad as you guys'.


thesilenceofentropy thesilenceofentropy
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2010